Tuesday, 21 June 2011

My Lost Fly

i'm so sad, i've lost my pet house fly, so i made this poster 

i put it up in london but so far i have not found him SAD FACE. 

some nice, and some nasty people have got in touch on email and twitter. here are just a few of the BAJILLION messages... ive added more today
Dere Dr Brundle
OH DERE: there is no sutch thing as an teleportation pod. 
You see i am lookin for my REAL AMAYZING BEST FRIEND FLY and wot U have done is gone stark raving mad an then sent me a nudey picture of urself.
i appresheate it nonetheless but u should see a dr (maybe you? Ur a Dr) or have a lie down.
love u lots XX

      Barnaby to Lost Fly
Having been saddened by your story I saved up to precure you a replacement fly, which can be found here:
You may notice that it isn't as lifelike as your original fly, but it was the bestist one I could find you in the time available and I hope you have many happy moments together. 
      Lost Fly to Barnaby
Aw aren't u nice. 
But wot has happened is that you have BOUGHT with ur SAVINGS a DRAWING of a feather on a hook that iznt even real its on the intanet. 
sorry u have been duped and that u r a bit stupid. theres some bad people on the intanet selling fake pictures of flys.
Love u x 
      Barnaby to Lost Fly
Can I have the fly pic back?
      Lost Fly to Barnaby 
       Florence Fly to Lost Fly
     Lost Fly to Florence Fly
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i dont have £10,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but i do have a small honda called rhonda, shall i leave that in the bin?? its probs worth around that or even more.
are you looking after my fly? please don't hurt him he's only a small fly, and also he bites.
you're not very nice are you? but u're quite good at art, did you do it at gcse?
lots of love x

no he didnt have a ruksak, he does have a man bag but its hear at home.
Rob to me
Hi there, I think I saw your fly yesterday evening at around 21 hundred hours, boarding the 220 from putney bridge, heading in the wandsworth direction.
 Maybe the search net needs to be extended.
 120,000 house flies go missing in the uk each year, let's not let your beloved pet be a statistic.
 Good luck and godspeed

Lost Fly to Rob
OMG thanks so much hawk eyes! But it can't have been him coz he's left his oyster card at home :,-(
 plz keep those eagle eyes peeled for him and maybes carry a rotting banana coz he likes them?

Rob to Lost Fly
I will keep my sparrow eyes peeled.  I only have an apple with me today but will go to sainsbury's on my lunch break for a nice bruised, blackened banana.
 I take it you have been to the police and filed a missing fly report?  The first 24 hours are crucial in a missing fly case and this is no exception.
 God bless
    Lost Fly to Rob
I am super grateful, lotz of people have been emailing with info but no leads yet SAD FACE.
Love you X

@mylostfly I found your fly! £150 BY WEDNESDAY OR THE FLY GETS IT! I'M FCKING SERIOUS http://yfrog.com/kfqi2lj

Lexie to Lost Fly
I found your pet fly...
And I hope you don't cry,
It is now dead...
In my pet spiders web
Lost Fly to Lexie
OMG! Are you sure it was him?? ur pet spider sounds like a w*nker.
Lexie toLost Fly
May have been his brother.
Lost Fly to Lexie    
may have bean he had around 4000 brothers
     Lexie to Lost Fly
There was about 3999 in the web
     Lost Fly to Lexie
so when (or *IF*) I find him I now hav 2 tell him your w*nker pet spider murdered his entyre family. thanx.

Help some poor Creative get his viral off the ground. (Spotted by )
u sayin my fly got a VIRUS?? plz look out for him he like POO an BANANA. love u. ps IM A GIRL. 

so you see i still not found my BFF fly and i don't know witch randsome note to believe so i'll probs go with the one that wants £150 not £10,000. 

i will keep posting the replies, and OBV COURSE will let you all know if i find my darling fly.

heres a few more tweets below. love you X 

James Durkee